The name Mirik comes from the Lepcha words Mir-Yok meaning “place burnt by fire”. Mirik is at an altitude of about 5,800 feet and almost midway on a 100 km alternative route between Darjeeling and Siliguri. Mirik is an excellent scenic spot, and Kanchenjunga is visible. The 335-acre site for the new tourist resort is shaped like a tiny valley. Within the valley, there is a level stretch of the five acres, rare in the hill areas of Darjeeling.
Along the west of this flat ground, there is a natural lake formation fed with perennial springs and rain water. Now, that the water here is impounded by construction of a weir, there is a 1.25 km long lake. The level stretch forms eastern bank of the lake, the western bank being hill slopes covered by a rich forest of about ten thousand Crypto Maria japonica trees.
Visitors from Darjeeling and Siliguri may however spend a day at Mirik profitably. Walks around the lake or along the numerous walks in the heavily forested ridges on the western bank view of sunrise or sunset from “Rameetay Dara”, would all go to make a fine holiday.
For rest and food, the “Day-Centre” at the eastern bank has a comfortable lounge. Tea, Coffee and Snacks are available throughout the day. Visitors may also have lunch here.
Boating, fishing, beautification and overnight accommodation (Youth-Hostel and Tourist Cottages) etc. are ready to receive visitors. Construction of the water supply system and underground sewerage for the whole project area is complete by now.


Located on the Indo-Nepal border in the Darjeeling District. An 11 kms drive from the town of Mirik, this market is a heaven for all shopaholics!

Famous for foreign goods, the Pashupati market also marks the getaway to the Kingdom of Nepal. Shop to your heart’s content during your family vacations in Mirik. This market is fairly accessible from Mirik. You can hire a private car or even reach to this place approaching the way to Sukhia Pokhri that lies on the Mirik-Darjeeling route.